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Build an Agenda that Supports Participation

With preparation, you can create meetings that leverage everyone's gifts.  This template names many aspects of that preparation, from roles to content. Click on the picture to download, and make sure to check out the comments for more details!


Make Requests with Clarity and Impact

Many times, our communication suffers from lack of specificity.  Click on the picture to download a resource to troubleshoot your technique. 

Open, receptive hand

Some Fonts of Inspiration

The SELC's resources on worker-directed nonprofits

Take-no-prisoners peacemakers like Sonya Renee Taylor

Crucial Skills for their communication and accountability Q&A

Leo Kottke

Light bulb leads to new ideas

Prepare for Strategic Planning 

Strategic Planning works best when it includes a variety of perspectives.  Use this tool to prompt discussion about what information you need to gather and include in the process. Click on the picture to download. 

Listing nonprofit strategic planning options

Prefer Listening?

Access my interview on inclusive decision making featured on "The Small Nonprofit" podcast here

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What I'm Reading Now

The Highest Common Denominator (Miki Kashtan)

Leading for Justice (Rita Sever)

What recommendations

do you have?

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