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I help organizations live up to their best dreams for themselves.  Contact me to discuss what you want to grow.

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Navigating Change

Whether it's leadership transition, mission, or scope of services, moments of change provide opportunities for organizations to engage important questions and emerge stronger.  I provide research, facilitation, and sense-making to leverage your best possibilities.

Strategic Planning

Even in chaotic times, planning gives an organization focus, accountability, and helps everyone pull in the same direction.  I use tools that help you tap into new pools of information and think creatively about how to meet your mission.

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Internal System Improvement

Perhaps your performance management system is underperforming or there's unrealized potential for synergy between your board, directors, and staff.  I bring knowledge of best practices and techniques to help you identify what would serve you better, and tools to help with implementation.

Assessment and Reporting

If the picture isn't clear, I can help you create a plan that targets useful data.  I use quantitative and qualitative research methods and tell the story back to you in a way that illuminates choices.

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Meeting Design and Facilitation

Whether online or in person, I design and facilitate meetings and retreats that prioritize interaction and meaningful participation from everyone.

Customized Training

I design and deliver training - from stand-alone offerings to integrated learning pathways - with an eye towards practical application.  I have particular expertise in communication, supervisory skills, and effective meetings.

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